Accepted Papers

Clause-Level Tense, Mood, Voice and Modality Tagging for German
Tillmann Dönicke

AlpinoGraph: A Graph-based Search Engine for Flexible and Efficient Treebank Search
Peter Kleiweg and Gertjan Van Noord

Intelligenti Pauca – An Alternative to Universal Dependencies for Historical Languages
Daniel Couto Vale and Konstantin Schulz

Akkadian Treebank for early Neo-Assyrian Royal Inscriptions
Mikko Luukko, Aleksi Sahala, Sam Hardwick and Krister Lindén

Cross-Lingual Domain Adaptation for Dependency Parsing
Sara Stymne

Meta-dating the PArsed Corpus of Tibetan (PACTib)
Marieke Meelen and Élie Roux

Implementing an End-to-End Treebank-Informed Pipeline for Bulgarian
Alexander Popov, Petya Osenova and Kiril Simov

Dependency Relations for Sanskrit Parsing and Treebank
Amba Kulkarni, Pavankumar Satuluri, Sanjeev Panchal, Malay Maity and Amruta Malvade

Building a Literary Treebank for Translation Studies in Chinese
Hai Hu, Yanting Li, Yina Patterson, Zuoyu Tian, Yiwen Zhang, He Zhou, Sandra Kübler and Chien-Jer Charles Lin

Fine-Grained Morpho-Syntactic Analysis for the Under-Resourced Language Chaghatay
Kenneth Steimel, Akbar Amat, Arienne Dwyer and Sandra Kübler

How tight is your language? A semantic typology based on Kullback-Leibler Divergence
Natalia Levshina

Subjects tend to be coded only once: Corpus-based and grammar-based evidence for an efficiency-driven trade-off
Aleksandrs Berdicevskis, Karsten Schmidtke-Bode and Ilja Seržant

Estimating POS Annotation Consistency of Different Treebanks in a Language
Akshay Aggarwal and Daniel Zeman

Automatic Extraction of Tree-Wrapping Grammars for Multiple Languages
Laura Kallmeyer, Rainer Osswald, Tatiana Bladier and Jakub Waszczuk